Welcome to COSON Licensing Application Platform [CLAP]

The easy to use licensing Platform

A few clicks on this Platform and in less than five minutes, you are on your way to complying with the law and obtaining a music copyright licence. The COSON music copyright licence gives you the freedom to play both local and foreign music in your business as you like, for your enjoyment and that of your customers.

The royalty collected from the licensing is distributed to those who make the music. By obtaining a music copyright licence, you make it possible for those who make good music to make more good music for you to enjoy.

Follow the Easy Steps

Your Information

  • Click on the Get License button above.
  • Enter your details in the form provided.
  • Use the "Next" and "Previous" buttons to navigate through the steps.
  • License Category

  • Choose your license category from a displayed list of categories.
  • Enter the parameters required for your selected category.<
  • You can only proceed to the next step if you have completely entered the parameters for your chosen category.
  • Purchase Summary

  • This is the last step for purchasing your license with CLAP.
  • It shows the summary of your license purchase before proceeding to payment.
  • A license ID will be generated from your selected category and date of renewal.
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